Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never Stop Exploring

I was looking at one of my jackets the other day and I noticed writing on the loop that I use to hang it up. It says NEVER STOP EXPLORING. The cynic in me couldn't help but think that was an excellent thing for a sportswear company to say, after all, as long as I keep exploring they can keep selling me things.

But then I remembered that I went for a walk last weekend in a national park with my husband. I saw some teenagers there and thought back to when I was a teenager - and the world was one big adventure. I thought about my little nieces and nephew - everything really is new and an adventure to them. When did life stop being an adventure for me? When did I stop exploring? God created a universe filled with wonders and I haven't seen but a minuscule fraction of it. I've got to keep exploring. I've got to keep looking at the world with fresh eyes.