Thursday, August 23, 2012

There is Enough (A Prayer)

A parishioner shared this prayer with me, in response to my sermon a few weeks ago on immigration (where I said there was enough for all people). This prayer makes a great grace before meals as it reminds us when we are being fed that there are others who are without. It encourages us to think about why in a land of plenty there are some who are without, and then to think about what we can do to change this.

Lord, there is plenty to eat for the hungry. 
There is enough to keep and to give, enough to buy and to sell; 
enough to serve and to store. 
There is enough for all of us. 
Lord, tables are empty, but there is enough; 
cupboards are bare, but there is enough; 
tongues are parched, but there is enough. 
Lord, make room for the hungry and the thirsty at some table. 
Come Lord Jesus, be our Guest. Amen.

-by The Rev. Joseph T. Webb, III